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Adaptive Perception presents "Digital Experiments in Aikido." This DVD documents our use of digital motion capture technology with Aikido and presents novel computer generated animations based on the results. The first section details the process from motion capture session to final animation. The bulk of the video consists of 5 categories of visualizations of the recorded techniques.

30 Minutes - Chapter Menus - NTSC Video




  • Trails - Bright trails are left from points on the body.
  • Point of View - Interesting perspectives, such as viewing nage only or placing the camera below the floor.
  • Color by Speed - Body parts are colored according to their speed.
  • Gravity Clouds - Clouds of particles are attracted to gravity simulators at the performers' centers.
  • Ghosting - Copies of a sword or body parts are left behind as the performers move.
         Click here to see a sample animation.

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